im back!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

HEYYYYY~ im backk. hoho thanks pipah for updating my blog. hehe. anyway, just done with my exam and i hope that i could pass this time. btw, i dont go to school for today and yesterday coz im sick*cough* haha. now, im stuck in my laptop. lama dah nda on9. fyi, my mobile rosak, thats why aku nda on9 lagi. but sooner i hope my mum can get me a new hp ^^ hehe. ohh, almost forget, pagi ani i started to draw something coz i got nuthin to do.gileerr 3 years dah, sebab atu nda pndai mendraw. haha thats why, i want to learn more about sketching stuff. well, here it is..

i know it sucks. but heyy, i just started it. i can improve it sooner.hehe

this is my masterpiece. ^^ haaha

how was it? well, i saw this anime lawa brabisss. so i decided to draw it. the face, aku alum pndai -___-" HAHA. okayy, i think thats it for todayy. byeeee :)